So it starts! By popular demand (ok really just my mom) I am starting this food blog. I have loved to cook since I can remember and have always tried to eat healthy. Many people think that eating healthy is boring and overwhelming. This is why you are reading my blog, because I want you to find that it can be yummy, satisfying, and simple... okay sometimes it requires some planning and work, but all good things do. FYI, the food Critic I refer to is my great Husband who will try everything I make.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recipes with Pictures = Stress for me

OK here is the deal!  If you have read my blog you know that I am no food photographer.  I love to take pictures, but getting them onto the computer and blog stresses me out. I know for some it is not complicated to take a picture with their phone then send it to their computer, but my mind is not made for computers! If i didn't have to do that process I would be posting more recipes. So, I've decided that you may not get pictures with every new recipe. I know that most people like to see what they are making before they take on a new recipe because I am one of those people.   I will eventually get to where it isn't as intimidating and time consuming (Am I really saying that out loud?) in the mean time I will just post what I eat without pictures.  I'm hoping that if you have already tried these recipes you know I only put really yummy recipes on the blog. 


  1. It's totally ok to not have pictures. Keep up the great work!

  2. I hear you! For a while my blog lay dormant, because the computer was so slow, which mean: uploading photos and blogging = stress for me.

    I'm glad I stumbled across your blog. We are starting our eating more veg and less meat journey, so any inspiration (with or without photos) is welcome!!

  3. I hear ya on the photos. It can be quite the process.
    But since I do love to see photos of food due to my lack of competence in the kitchen, here's a thought- add them later? If you're taking pictures anyway, just add them the next time you upload :)