So it starts! By popular demand (ok really just my mom) I am starting this food blog. I have loved to cook since I can remember and have always tried to eat healthy. Many people think that eating healthy is boring and overwhelming. This is why you are reading my blog, because I want you to find that it can be yummy, satisfying, and simple... okay sometimes it requires some planning and work, but all good things do. FYI, the food Critic I refer to is my great Husband who will try everything I make.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Coconut chocolate Oatties

These are my FAVORITE treats! I really can't make them because I will eat the whole batch in a day or two. But because they don't have refined products my insides love them!

2 T coconut oil (I melt it a little to make it easier to stir)

1/2 c almond butter

4 T cocoa powder ( I use either Raw Cacao or Dutch Cocoa)

1/4 c maple syrup

2-3 T coconut milk

1/4 c unsweetend coconut flakes

3 cups rolled Oats

a little salt

(every now and then I put a handful of dark chocolate chips in there to make it interesting)

Mix all the wet ingredients together then add the oats one cup at a time until you get your desired consistancy. Line a cupcake baking pan with liners, fill the cups with your yummy mixture then trow it in the freezer. They stay together better if you freeze them.

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  1. Cindy! I am so happy to discover this blog! I just found it yesterday and I plan on tackling every single recipe. I'm stoked! So tonight, it was your veg/barley chili (absolutely delicious) and these yummy treats just now. I didn't have almond butter, but used peanut butter instead...have I just ruined it?